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Westport Manor is the Place to call Home in Westport, Where the City of Kansas Began

Established in 2009. Westport Manor was built in the 1940s as what was then known as "War Bride Apartments" When Rosie the riveter went off to work and her husband went off to fight in WW II, this is where many chose to live. It continued to be the home for singles and couples throughout the 1950s,1960s, and 1970s. In the 1980s, the 1990s with several remodels occurred over the years. In 2004 it was purchased by the current owner who decided to update it while retaining much of its previous charm and Westport feel. The entire complex was rehabilitated with thermal windows, Blown Non-Toxic Cellulose insulation. New 100 amp electrical panels, all new copper plumbing with lead-free soldered joints, Granite counter tops, Turkish Travertine tile and as a stroke of good luck, we were able to rehabilitate the wonderful Antique Red Oak floors. Cat 5-E wiring was added for communication. Time Warner and Google Fiber are both available.


Westport, in the heart of Kansas City, is a small village that is filled with legend and history. The Westport District celebrates the lively history of Westport and its first citizens. We welcome you to visit us and step back in time to an earlier day when Westport and the Town of Kansas were on the nation’s frontier.


More than 150 years ago, thousands of adventurers from all walks of life came to Westport to explore and seek their fortunes along the Santa Fe and Oregon Trails. Mountain men and preachers walked the lanes and streets of Westport, drawn here by the mystique of the West.

The village of Westport flourished with a cosmopolitan flavor as merchants outfitted wagon trains headed to the Spanish and Mexican settlements. Every day, more and more people began their westward journey in Westport and as the town grew, the foundation for Kansas City was laid. Today, Westport is a thriving community where people live and shop in many of Westport’s original buildings. Although the reason why people flood to Westport has changed in the past 150 years, the energy and vitality of the district remain the same! 

The Manager 

Manolete' (John) Garcia


John came to the property at the beginning of the Rehabin 2005 and helped guide that massive undertaking. He was an evacuee from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and had returned home to Kansas City after the devastation there. John was born and raised in the great plains. His family owned many farms and ranches in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. John has a varied background including EMS, Law Enforcement, Food Service, and Event and Interior Design. His family was in the construction industry in Lincoln, Ne and he grew up around that business. This gave him an eye for quality during the Rehabilitation of the property.


John chose to remain after the rehabilitation and manage Westport Manor. John is a people person with the highest ethical standards and believes that everyone should be treated as he would want to be. John is a dog lover and has been able to create a unique environment for people and pets here in Westport. Westport Manor also has 2 raised bed vegetable gardens and an orchard with fruit trees scattered throughout the greenspaces. A truly unique Living Experience.


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