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Everything New Pet Parents Need to Know

Everything New Pet Parents Need to Know

Are you a first-time pet owner? You’re probably ready to handle all the nose boops and cuteness animals have to offer, but are you ready for the responsibilities as well? Don’t worry! You only need a few tips to be the perfect new pet parent.

Picking Your Perfect Pup...or Python!

When choosing a pet, there are so many different kinds of animals to consider. Think about your lifestyle and home so that both you and your new pet will be happy. Whatever pet you decide on, you’ll also want to consider the breed that is right for your life. For example, some breeds of dogs may require a bit more maintenance to fend off bad behavior. If you have allergies, there are even breeds of dogs and cats that can keep your symptoms at bay. Do your homework and bring home the buddy that will fit perfectly with your family.

Creating Space in Your Home

If you’ve never had an animal living in your home, you’re going to need to make some adjustments to keep your new pet cozy and safe. Set up a little area where your new friend can let their fur (or feathers) down and feel relaxed. You’ll want to set up some bedding, access to fresh water, and some toys. Do a careful sweep of your home and check for any items that could be chewed or scratched. If you have a new puppy that chews, it’s wise to keep shoes and random items out of reach for a while. Also, take care to avoid allowing your animals access to food, plants and items that could cause them harm. Even something as small as a stick of chewing gum can be deadly to your pets. You should also invest in pet-friendly cleaning products and a good vacuum cleaner with a pet brush to keep fur, dander, and other pet-made messes in check.

Helping Your Pet Feel at Home

When you bring your new pet home, your first instinct is going to be to shower it with love. Before you start dishing out kisses, keep in mind that many pets need time to adjust to new environments. This can be especially true for rescued animals, who may have come from abusive or neglectful situations. Try to give your pet some space to settle into this new life. Earn trust by using positive rewards and training. As you get closer, it’s totally okay to give your buddy some snuggles. Just know that some animals may not be keen on hugs or other human displays of affection.

Caring for Your Companion

Love is only one of many requirements for caring for a pet. You need to take care of their health as well. Start by setting up regular check-ups with a trusted, local vet. Ask about vaccinations, preventative medications and microchipping to keep your pet safe. If you’ve chosen a less conventional pet, find a vet that can provide the care needed. Your pet’s diet is also key to staying healthy. For dogs in particular, it’s important to avoid unhealthy additives and synthetic substances by choosing a quality, organic food. Be sure to keep any allergies in mind, and refrain from feeding animals table scraps to avoid serious health issues.

Becoming Best Friends

Bonding with a pet can be especially helpful to those in recovery from a physical or mental health condition. It may take time, however, to really build a bond of real love and trust between you and your furry kid. Take moments out of your day to focus on becoming closer to your pet. Simply petting your companion animal relieves the stress that sometimes accompanies illness. Feeling bored? Playing with your new pet is a wonderful way to relieve that boredom and build a stronger bond between the two of you.

Pets bring endless benefits to the lives of their humans, and all they ask for in return is love and care. Make sure you know how to look after your new pet so you can nurture a bond between the two of you that will last a lifetime.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Guest Blog submitted by Jessica Brody

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